Firstly to understand what exactly vultures are let’s check out the video:

These vultures are rare to see in India and so few humans have take up Vultures behaviour into them. Similar to Vultures these humans wait for some one to die and then make it a poltical issue. May be in simple words these people can be called Poltical Vultures.

Political Vultures give a communal or idological colour to the death of a person. At the same time these Vultures makes sure that they do not waste their time over the death of some one who does not benefit them politically.

There are few algorithms these vultures might follow as below:

(Pic courtesy: Say No To Sold Media)

So death of people who don’t give them any advantage don’t matter.

(Pic courtesy: Say No To Sold Media)

Poltical Vultures when see some one has died they make the dead person as hero. They try to take advantage of his Religion, caste or education. Rohit Vemula was termed as a Dalit Scholar.

Rahul Gandhi over the death of Rohit Vemula:

Recent death of Gauri Lankesh as been portrayed as threat to media. She has been a fighter and has been a critic of the Government. But being a Journalist she cannot be called as “Right-wing critic”, but the entire Poltical Vultures gang made her a weapon to get cheap publicity.

Rahul Gandhi over Gauri Lankesh Murder:

Vultures can be polticans who use dead body for votes. Vultures can be journalist who use dead bodies for TRP. Vultures can also be upcoming and struggling so called young leaders who use the dead bodies for publicity.

Wise Indian Tongue strongly condemns the murder of Gauri Lankesh, but on the other hand is against the use of Death of a person for poltical advantage.


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