According to the Indian All India Muslim Personal Law Board, a man cannot remarry a woman after triple talaq unless she has already consummated her marriage with another man and then that new husband dies or divorces her. In this case the marriage (Nikah) of the woman with her new husband is called Nikah halala.

While Bollywood is busy making films based on Underworld Gangsters and glorifying Islamic Rapist Invader Rulers, the tiny Marathi industry has got guts to bring out the truth from society. Here is the official trailer.

From the movie Trailer it is quite clear that the story is based on the sacrifice a women has to do to get back to her husband. But she is forced by the Islamic Practice to marry the Mulana and be with him as his wife for a night. The story also showcases the miserable condition of the husband due to practice. The movie might not only rock on screens but also bring a positive message in society to discourage such discriminative practices which favour Mulana’s.

Not only the Trailer is stunning but also a couple of songs released bring out the dark reality of the Halala ritual.

Wise Indian Tongue appreciates efforts and guts of entire crew of “Halal” the Movie Team. May the force be with you!!