Family of “Danish Riyaz” was socially boycotted by a Kerala Mosque in Thrithala, Palakkad. Their only CRIME was—when wedding reception of his brother, Abdul Hai, was held at an auditorium in Edappal town on December 28, 2018—

1. Women of the family were photographed

2. Musical instruments were played

3. Children of the family danced on stage

4. Women used microphone to bless the newly weds

A week after the reception, when the family entered the mosque to attend ‘Friday Prayer,’ they were publicly humiliated for hosting a vulgar wedding.

Poor Riyaz family kept begging for forgiveness from Mosque, but all in vain.

Dear India, do you remember Amir Khan, who cried bucket of tears how Hindu women are oppressed in India in “Satyamev Jayate?” Would Amir Khan—who felt India intolerant and unsafe—open his mouth to oppose such ban from a mosque?

Do you remember Barkha Dutt’s campaign “Smash Brahminical Patriarchy”?

Same hypocrite bunch of fake liberals ranting for PROGRESSIVE society would go into coma, when a Mosque punishes a family for having fun in their marriage by singing and dancing. These pseudo liberal get their courage to speak against only Hindu customs and traditions while Hinduism is evolving with passage of time.

Irony commits suicide when you remember that Kerala is 100% literate state, but shamelessly tolerant towards a mosque dictatorship.

Reference: Times of India