Humanity died of shame when 19 year old girl was allegedly gang raped in front of her father by six men named Faiz Alam, Abdul Mannan, Kalu, Kasim, Kaiser and Ansar in a village of Bihar.

These perpetrators knocked on victims door to ask for water, then forcibly took her and her father to a deserted place. Next, they tied victim’s father with rope to a tree, and gang raped his daughter in front of him in Pathargatti, 350 km from Patna,

Dear India, do you remember “Kathua Rape Case”? Do you remember national outrage and widespread anger against it? Do you remember Bollywood item girls Kareena Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor Holding placards—I am Hindustani. I am ashamed—shaming entire Hindu communities, humiliating whole India?

Of course, you must remember, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi holding candle light march. You also remember how item girls of journalism like Barkha Dutt and Sagarika Ghose embarrassed and humiliated India on international stage as if India produces only rapists. Almost every metropolitan city including prestigious institute like IITs held placards for Kathua rape victim.

Whole mechanism and eco system to demand justice for a rape victims went on silent mode, the moment they knew name of rapists were Faiz Alam, Abdul Mannan, Kalu, Kasim, Kaiser and Ansar. Does it mean secular eco system would not outrage if the victim is Hindu?

Does it mean no item girls of Bollywood and journalism would demand justice for a rape victim if she is Hindu and rapists belong to peaceful community? This is how SECULARISM is practiced in our country. When would Hindu wake up to realise the reality?

Also, this is how rapists get emboldened when secular politician like Mulayam Singh justifies rapist—लड़कों से कभी कभी ग़लती हो जाती है (Boys happen to make mistake sometime by raping a girl). And Arvind Kejriwal gifts juvenile rapist of NIRBHAYA a sewing machine.

However, only ray of hope is Kishanganj Superintendent of Police, Kumar Ashish, who said he was personally monitoring the case. Three accused have been arrested and he has assured rest of them would be arrested soon. And fast track court would insure victims justice.