The bastion of Congress for decades, Amethi constituency has been contested by the Gandhi family since 1980- with Sanjay Gandhi first, then former PM Rajiv Gandhi, followed by UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and now the Prime Minister aspirant, Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi contested from Amethi for the first time in 2004, before which his Mother Sonia Gandhi was elected in 1999. Rahul Gandhi won with a huge margin.

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Same were the results in 2004 and Rahul Gandhi continued the legacy of Indian National Congress in Amethi Constituency.

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In the 2014 election, Amethi saw an intense battle between Rahul Gandhi and Smriti Irani. Though Ms Irani lost to the Congress leader, she managed to reduce his victory margin from some 3.70 lakh votes in 2009 to 1.07 lakh in 2014.

The Congress’s vote share was reduced to 46 per cent in 2014 as against its earlier shares of 71 and 66 per cent in the 2009 and 2004 elections, respectively. The BJP, whose vote share in Amethi remained in the single digits in 2004, garnered 37 per cent of the votes cast in 2014, reference NDTV.

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Despite of losing the election, Smriti Irani has continued to work and focus on Amethi, she has spoken for the people of Amethi. Last year during Diwali she sent 10,000 sarees as gifts for the BJP’s women activists as a Diwali gift to Amethi. In 2014 when despite her poll loss in Amethi, she had sent sarees for those women whose villages had voted for her.

Irani has also accused the Congress president of exploiting the constituency as a mere ‘vote-bank’ and failing to invest in its development, thus changing the discourse. She said, “The Congress president speaks about development. But he has failed to bring about development even to his own Lok Sabha seat.”

“Since last five years, we have been working for the development of the people. In the Vidhan Sabha polls, 4 out of 5 seats were won by BJP because the people were impacted by our work and even the fifth seat was not won by Congress. The defeat of Congress is a certainity.

“I have worked for Amethi despite losing, PM Modi had said that we had worked for those who had voted for us and those who did not, so our campaign had started long ago,” she added.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi is likely to contest a second parliamentary seat from Wayanad in Kerala — a “safe” constituency for the party. Carved out as a new constituency in 2009, Wayand was won by Congress candidate M I Shanavas both in 2009 and 2014. The Wayanad seat has a strong presence of Muslim and Christian voters. Smriti Irani took a dig at Rahul Gandhi’s safe run away from Amethi.

BJP is making moves to field Smriti Irani in Wayanad against Rahul Gandhi to bring a strong fight in the polls. For this, the BJP will take over the Wayanad seat removing NDA candidate of Wayanad. Currently, Wayanad seat was given to BDJS. If Smiriti Irani has any inconvenience, any of the BJP state leaders will contest here.

Smriti Irani has been a part of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) from childhood as her grandfather was an RSS swayamsevak and her mother was a member of Jana Sangh. Irani joined the Bharatiya Janata Party in 2003. In early 2010, Irani was appointed National Secretary of BJP and on 24 June, she was appointed All India President of the BJP’s women’s wing, BJP Mahila Morcha. After a huge victory of BJP in 2014, she was included in the cabinet. She has handled important portfolio’s like Ministry of Human Resource Development, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and currently appointed as current Textiles Minister in the Government of India.

While on the other hand Rahul Gandhi is born in the Gandhi family with a golden spoon.

The Amethi seat has elected a non-Congress representative only two times in the past. However, this time could easily be the third.