News are doing rounds that Jaishe-e-Muhammad chief Masood Azhar was injured in Air Strike conducted by Indian Air Force on Feb, 26 on Balakot and died on March 2. This unconfirmed news has certainly cemented my national pride that was broken into pieces when 26/11 struck our Mumbai city.

It was blood, gore, death, destruction and despair that had enveloped our financial capital. Being restless, every now and then, I used to switch on the news channel to find out if all 10 terrorists, who came from across the border, were neutralised by our security forces? It took complete 3 days for our security forces to kill 9 out of 10 terrorists. During those three fateful days, I had been crying tears of blood.

When the carnage was over, my national pride had been destroyed and trampled under feet of 10 terrorists. When I saw in mirror, I found myself a defenceless and powerless citizen who can be butchered any time while having meal in hotel or travelling in a train in her city.

Emotionally wounded, disheartened and devastated I looked up to the head of my nation, the then Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, expecting some healing touch from him.

I waited the head of our nation to look into our tearful eyes and say, “I AM HERE, I WOUKD MAKE SURE TO BRING PERPETRATORS TO JUSTICE.” Alas! Manmohan Singh didn’t bother to look at us. He came and read an already written speech in his meek voice and left for New Delhi.

On Feb 14, 2019, when eyes saw the visuals of dismembered bodies of 44 CRPF men scattered on the Srinagar-Jammu highway at Latoomode, restlessness gripped the soul, mind got disturbed and blood started boiling. Heart felt constricted, when it imagined unbearable pain of families of CRPF martyred Jawans.

With teary eyes I looked up to head of our nation—NO, I didn’t want to die a humiliating death again—our Prime Minister looked deep into nation’s eyes and gave clarion call, your tears would be avenged. After 12 days our Air Force dropped 1000 KG of bombs at terror camps inside Pakistan.

My ten years old son, who was born after one and half months of 26/11, asked me, “Did our govt teach a lesson to terrorists who carried out 26/11?

“No son, India was attacked many times, when so called PEACE was prevailing, but no terrorist camp was attacked ever,” I replied.

“Didn’t we had as powerful Air Force then as we have now? he asked me further.

“India had fourth most powerful Army then, what has changed is leadership and his will power to protect our nation, our people and our Army,” I concluded.

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